Wood Chip Boilers (20kW to 350kW)

(ETA 'HACK' Boilers are also Wood Pellet & Miscanthus Compatible)

Wood chip is a low carbon, low cost fuel suitable for fully automatic central heating systems. It is particularly well suited to applications with a large heat demand such as hotels, guest houses and care homes but can also be used in other domestic and industrial applications. Locally available wood chips can provide a reliable source of low cost heating fuel.

  • Low cost renewable fuel, 94% efficiency.
  • Home grown or locally produced fuel.
  • Future proof against rising energy costs.
  • Can burn wood chip, wood pellets & miscanthus (Elephant Grass).
  • Improved Building Energy Rating (BER).
  • Safe, reliable & automatic supply of heat.
  • Self cleaning & de-ashing, long life & low maintenance.

How it works (the basics)

  1. Wood Chips are stored in a chip bunker. The chips are kept moving freely by the floor agitator in the chip bunker.
  2. Wood Chips are automatically red from the chip bunker, via an auger and fire-proof rotary valve.
  3. The chips are ignited and burned (in small quantities) on a specially designed burning grate when heat is called for.
  4. The heat is transferred from the burning grate to the central heating system via the boilers heat exchanger.
  5. The heat exchanger automatically goes through a self cleaning process every day to keep it running at a high level of efficiency. When the building is up to temperature the boiler output is modulated downward and eventually shuts down automatically until heat is required again.


A Wood chip boiler can be installed during construction of a new building or retro fitted to an existing building provided space in a suitable location is available or can be provided. Usually the only parts of an existing system that will have to be replaced are the boiler and fuel store. Fuel storage space is sized based on the estimated heat demand and desired frequency of re-filling. 3.3 Tonne of chips (about 14m3) provides the same amount of heat as 1000 Litres of oil or 1000m3 of gas.

Wood chip heating is fully compatible with:
Water Heating, Radiator Heating Systems, Under-floor Heating Systems, Panel & Skirting Heating Systems or any combination of these systems.

  • The boiler, buffer tank and ancillary items can be located in the corner of a garage, a basement or purpose built boiler house.
  • The Chip bunkers should be located indoors adjacent to the boiler.
  • In a new build Elementary Energy can work in conjunction with your builder, electrician
  • and plumber in a co-ordinated manner to ensure a smooth trouble free installation.
  • In a retrofit we can take care of some or all aspects of the installation.
  • If your old boiler is located in a suitable location the changeover can be straightforward but additional space would be required for the boiler equipment and fuel store.
  • If not, new pipes may need to be installed between the old boiler location and the new boiler location.
  • The new boiler is connected to the heating system.
  • The boiler power supply and controls are wired into the new boiler.
  • The heating system is flushed, filled and tested.
  • The boiler is commissioned (set-up) and left ready to provide heat.

Single chamber rotary valve.