saving with solar energy


The sun provides us with an unlimited, reliable and predictable source of free energy. Solar panels can be used to convert this solar energy for use in solar heating or the solar power can be used to generate solar electricity using solar photovoltaic panels (solar PV panels).

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> Solar Heating

saving energy with biomass boilers


Whilst fossil fuel prices rise the best way in Ireland to ensure security of supply and price stability is to switch to fuels that are sustainable and can be produced locally. Biomass boilers offer just such a solution...

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> Wood Chip Boilers
> Wood Log Gasification
> Wood Pellet Boilers

wind energy, wind, wind turbine, wind power


Ireland has wind power in abundance. By locating a modern high quality wind turbine correctly you can harness this wind energy to generate free green electricity to power your home, business, school or community amenity.

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> Wind Turbines

saving energy with heat ventilation recovery systems

Heat Recovery

Modern housing ventilation systems can recover heat, cut waste and save energy.
Enjoy clean air, draught-free ventilation, and the savings from lower energy costs.
You will also improve your Building Energy Rating (BER).

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